A Beautiful Memory!

It is said that ‘There is nothing better than surrounded by good friends’.
But, until you don’t understand each other you can’t make good friends. Most of the people do not give time to think about people on the other side. 
Well, I am very lucky about it. I am in a batch ( BT Dept, second years) which is very cheerful, loving, loyal, brilliant, and the list goes on…….

                                             Second year Biotechnology students(My class mates) of IITM are pretty well known for their intelligence, unity, their enthusiasm in co curricular and extra curricular activites and department spirit!

In our third semester, bored of being in chennai we planned to go out on a tour. Then we started looking for places near by and finally decided to go to MAHABALIPURAM as we had just one day free.
We booked a bus and around 35 of us went to Mahabs that day.

The journey was very fun. We had ‘ANTHYAKSHARI’ and dance competitions during our bus journey. 
We had two teams “THE SOUTHIES” vs “THE NORTHIES” with a blend of hindi, telugu, tamil and kannada music and songs, it was incredible! 

 We checked out every possible place, climbed rocks,mountains yeah, we did get injured 😛 But being with such awesome people and in an awesome location will never let you feel sad for those injuries.

We took small breaks in the middle and relaxed for a while.
 We were the guide and we the tourist! It was our day! 😀
Travelling through the places, we learned a lot about our history, recap everything we studied in our childhood. 

We did face times when we didn’t have even a single clue about the history of few monuments. So what? Comeon dude, we are students, we had our own stories 😛

My Indian Arts prof taught us about ‘Mahabalipuram’ and ‘Pancha Rathas’ the day before our tour.

I was very glad to check out those places and share those things with my fellow mates.

We also met ‘The Parrot-Fortune teller’. 😛

In the evening, we all went to the beach and played ‘footer’ and other games. Later, we had infinite fun in water.

Me and my friend almost tortured our other friends 😛 We were carried by water in and out, and my classmates had to run into the sea to catch hold of us. There were 5 people surrounding both of us ‘guarding’ 😉

Ultimately it was “our day” and bonds between us got even stronger. It was an ‘exhilarating’ journey!

This is such a  Happy Pic!

It was the very first time that the whole department came forward to hang out together.
I am happy that I acquire the “amazing” friends! These people are “terrific”.

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