New plans, new hopes 😀

I am very delighted to know that I have been selected for the prestigious IAS Fellowship-2013 and will be interning at Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics, Hyderabad for two months (20thmay  – 21st july).

           IAS Fellowship is one of the reputed summer research fellowship programs in India. The three national science academies offer several two month Summer fellowships to enable students/teachers to work with scientists associated with three academies.    
            The selection criteria for this fellowship is based on write-up, cgpa and a recommendation letter from a prof. Though my writeup was about Bacterial Genetics, my work is going to be about Plant Pathology. (Yeah, I know it’s very sad)

I will be working under Dr.Madhusudan Reddy in DNA Finger printing lab, whose research work is on “Genomics and Profiling Applications”. My project is related to plant pathology.

I generally detest any academic stuff related to plants. But, I had absolutely nothing to do about it :/ except for showing some enthusiasm towards the subject and learning more about it. This was my job prior to joining in the lab 😛 now I can work peacefully 🙂
The best part is that I get to know about Forensic work 😀 Yaay! B)
This is the team i will be working with!

I was desperately waiting for this day to step into the lab and take a look at the cultures of “Colletotrichum Capsici”

I am alloted a single room in a triple bedroom flat along with other Msc students. I became friends with all PhD’s in my lab. These people are so fun! They always remind me of my friends whom I am already missing. But it’s amazing here.

Hoping that my stay here would enhance my knowledge and introduce me to new horizons of Science and Technology.
Happy Summer 🙂

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