Project Presentation at CDFD

I was recently asked to give a presentation, work report of my IAS Fellowship at CDFD. The signs of the presentation started off raising my excitement and tension to peaks followed by cramming many research papers and textbooks. I do have a lot of experience giving presentations, but never gave a proper project presentation, but, the thought of presenting in front of Research Scientists and PhD’s stressed me out. I took help from my PhD guide and was finally ready for presentation before 5 days.

1st slide of my presentation
I spent my day before the presentation day (24th June) watching movies and my favorite tv show F.R.I.E.N.D.S just trying to cool down but still the situation was terrible! All my friends were jam-packed reading papers and googling. They were surprised to see me peacing out. In the night at around 9pm I called Soumya, my PhD guide, asking her what else to do and she asked me to sleep 😛
So, ultimately nothing did I do on sunday. Monday morning was so terrible. I ran to lab and uploaded my presentation. Then at 11am, it was my turn to present.
Huff, it went really well. My prof was very happy with my pertinent answers. It was an awesome experience. Frankly speaking, I actually understood more about my project while preparing for presentation. Presenting in the field of research and that too in front of high-fi people. Feel!
Hmm.. Fascinating! 😀

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