Friend.. Different people have different quotes, sayings and meanings about this word. Friends are like stars. We can’t see them all the time but we know that they are always there with us.. The distance is not measured by miles but by the heart!

This begins in our schooling.. school friends!? continues with college.. college friends!? work.. friends!? friends everywhere!. Friendship day bands.. those outings.. stupid arguments.. long talks.. mischievous actss.. all these memories stay with us as we grow older. We are all busy with our own lifes, but.. today, all of a sudden ‘that awesome feeling’ to be with friends.. talking to old friends.. wishes surprises. hmm.. really excited!! We tease each other, knockdown and irritate each other, still we are always together. We are stupid, weird, we laugh at randomest things (all the inside jokes), we know each other’s ugly sides.. we sometimes are soo crazy that people might feel we are high! 😛 We are similar people always together with different paths.. But when the going gets tough, we are always there for each other, to make sure that our precious star is always happy!.

Ultimately, “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves”..
Found this image on facebook today. Isn’t this true? 😛

Happy Friendship Day all!

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