Choose Focus Analyze! – Modelling of Stomach as Bioreactor

This is one of the most intriguing projects I have ever done. In my 4th semester, we had a course on Transport Processes and Unit Operations. As a part of the course curriculum, every student was asked to analyze any system using the concepts from the course. Choosing the topic to which we can apply those concepts was a great difficulty. This was a very good experience for us and we encountered many interesting topics during this search. For the extra marks, we were allowed to make a video depicting the same. This is the video made by me and a couple of other friends. Hope you ll like it 🙂



This is one of the best things I did during my first two years. In my 2nd year, I had to do a course “Transport Processes and Unit Operations” under Dr. G. K. Suraish Kumar. The course name and structure seemed to be quite boring to me initially. But, the professor changed to view of the course entirely by this exercise “Choose-Focus-Analyze”. He says that this develops the creativity, rational choice, focus, analysis and others in students taking this course. Well, it is very true. In this, we had to choose a biological system of interest and analyze it using Transport Phenomena concepts. All of us worked so hard for it, read many research articles and banged our heads for innovative ideas. And most of them came up with really amazing applications. This sure changed the way we appreciate the course material. This is the video demo of the model we choose. Professors like this sure make your life simpler and lovable.