DANGER: The Social Comparison

I often notice few of my friends falling into a dangerous trap of ‘social comparison’. I can imagine the torture they face and the hatred they develop staying in a fantasy world pretending to be like a third person. They fail to appreciate themselves most of the times.
The very reason you don’t feel satisfied with yourselves is that you compare with others. Well, some would argue that by comparing with others, it drives us to accurate comparisons of ourselves and break the barriers. But, at what cost? While comparison is considered a valuable source of motivation and growth, it can also spin us into a tail-chasing frenzy of self-doubt.
Picture it: You observe someone else doing a job in a great company and think you are not doing that great in your career. You see someone enjoying their life and think yours is not that exciting. You see someone hotter than you and feel bad about yourself. You see someone scoring a 10 pointer and feel depressed that you didn’t. How would you? You aren’t the same person to be just like him.
This comparison doesn’t make sense. You can’t compare apples with bananas. Similarly, we are all different. Do our fingers ever compare with themselves and regret for not being alike? No!
The only thing we need to focus is on ourselves. How good am I at ‘my thing’. Enjoy the life, learn from your own mistakes and make yourself better. Compare with yourselves, with your past and present. Keep going in life, and never stop for anything.
This is the only thing we need to be bothered about. Do what you want and be what you are and what you want to be. Do not compare with others.


This picture sure depicts how it actually works:


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