Did you achieve anything significant before your 20’s? or before your 30’s?

Come on, it’s time for a world race, RAT RACE. Run, run and achieve instant gratification or you will never be recognized as a successful person. This is the overtaking conception of the current generation.

In the trauma of achieving things in life, we fail to apprehend the reality. In these modern days, the notion of doggedness “Expect anything worthwhile to take a long time” is overlooked. We are developing a culture aiming at immediacy and overnight success, ignoring the years and years of struggle that paved the way of many legends to be noticed as one. From the several years Marie Curie spent in poverty while researching radioactivity to the nine years of thankless writing Stephen King plowed through before selling his first novel, we need to realize that showing up day in and day out is the surest way to achieve lasting success.

The celebration of technology has distorted our perception of time. The world moves faster and so do our expectations. Today, everyone wishes for instant success, like the computers which solve the problems in few seconds, minutes or hours. Who wants to wait for years? Truly, do we have to trepidate about this? Not sure! But, this is what connects the great people and disconnects us from them. They played a long game.

Though all of us have brains, talent, creativity and most importantly the advanced technology with us, now, when it really matters, none of us have the perseverance!
P.S : Grit is a greater predictor of success than intelligence.