Friendship Day Celebrations!

Happy Friendship Day to all! 😀 Hope all of you had a great time with your buddies.

For a change, I have celebrated this year’s friendship day with my laboratory (BTP lab) friends. We along with our professor went to Ideal Beach Resort, which is located on the breath taking beach of Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram). Though most of us were a little skeptical regarding behaving crazily in front of our boss, it turns out that we indeed had quite a lot of fun. We booked a mini bus for our travel and had variety of activities going on in bus :-P, most of them done in a secret way.

After reaching the resort, we had a delicious meal at the restaurant there.The hotel houses a multi-cuisine restaurant, specializing in Indian, Srilankan and Chinese delicacies, wherein you can get to experience some sumptuous food that will just tickle your taste buds away. We went on to hit the private beach to relax. This is a peaceful place that gives guests the enjoyment of strolling along the blue waters and silvery sands. They also have outdoor tennis courts along the beach. We spent some time enjoying in the water and later went on to play volley ball. I was amazed to see my professor play it along with us. He was quite energetic and gave a good competition to the opposite group. We played for around 2 to 3 hours in the exhausting sun. This is probably the best time we had with our boss. He was incredible. I haven’t been actively involved in sports after entering into IIT and this day was so awesome, reminding me of my school day sports activities. We indeed had a wonderful day with our friends. Following are few pics from this memorable day! 🙂

Selfie time 😉

Yaay 😛

All of us 😀 


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