A moment of………!!??

I feel so different, now, right now. Being in my final year, I have decided not to miss any of the events. One among them is Placements. Though I am not very enthusistic about it, I have registered for it because this is the only chance πŸ˜› I am now determined to attend Pre Placement Talks of companies from different sectors.

Today, I attended a PPT from BCG (Boston Consultancy Group). It was so amazing! A couple of our seniors, one HR accompanied by two other colleagues were here. In a way, I can say that this had been my first exposure to non-core stuff. The ppt went really well. I was mesmerized by looking at the case studies and by the functioning of the company. For a moment, I was wondering how come I never touched upon that area in my 4 years at IIT!!

A moment of ‘regret‘!? If only I weren’t laconic in my first year, would I got to know about all the opportunities out here. :-/ (Aah, this rhymes πŸ˜› ). I even thought about possible chances to enter that field.

Ok, where is this going? I like ‘Bio’ and ‘Research’, now, focus! -_-
Phew! I am sure everyone faces this kinda situation at some point in life. Stay Strong! πŸ˜€


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