CFI Open House – The day!

Well, not the only one, but one of the much awaited days of this month. With much more enthusiasm and much more commitment, we kick-started the BioTech Club. Need not mention, our second year juniors (Club Coordinators) really did a great job with DIY-BIO projects. After a series of continuous brain storming sessions, night outs, this is a list of what we finally ended up with:

1. Vein Finder
    To combat the difficulties faced by nurses to find the veins during infusions. Biomedical!

2. Augmented Reality – Image Processing
No Biological Significance. A study aid to be able to interact with the 2D molecules with their 3D structures. More like a “COOL-FUN” project.

3. Smart Phone Microscope
    Well, do you have a smartphone? Then, there is a microscope hidden in it. Join it with a lens and observe the cells. Overall, a cheap-o-scope, of paramount importance for small schools.

4. Electro Myogram
    Who doesn’t know about EMG? So, we aimed at developing a portable model of it, which I think we are half done with. Crucial in medical field.

Well, it was decent enough to be displayed by our young inchoate club. These could attract many people because of the interdisciplinary theories with a flavour of biology related application in it.
Wait, something just stuck my mind, our professor commented regarding our work that it is always the last one week we fight. But, infact, I just realised that it is the first one week which we put fight which was supposedly the last one too 😛

Just the first step 🙂 Go BT! Go CFI! 😀


The 3 mistakes of my life!

Before you start making some false assumptions keeping Chetan Bhagat’s book in mind, let me tell you, it has nothing to do with it or may be very little in common, just like Donovan’s Life Is A Merry Go Round.

Life is a merry-go-round.
  If you miss out this time,
  Don’t let it fret your mind,
  Love will come round in the end.

Imagine a race where you encounter the rocky muddy roads. After crossing them with a great difficulty, you reach some smooth concrete path. Wouldn’t you feel happy and enthusiastic about it? Well, that is when, you realize the deterrent effects caused due to the rocks stuck in between the patterns of the wheel. Nothing can be worse than that. But, will you just stop there? No. We would probably change the wheel and keep going. Life in-fact throws at you this kind of rocky paths and punctures, but the repair is not always possible.

Coming to the mentioned “3” mistakes, consider me as a muggu or whatsoever, this is about the choice of courses I have made for my minor elective. After getting out of the messy screwed up first year, when I started to believe that things are going well, it took me no longer than a year to realize this mistake. Fascinated by the challenging “Operations Research” course, I and a couple of my friends opted it. I love challenges, true, but I realized that this course/ challenge is not my thing. The three courses (my 3 mistakes):

1. Fundamentals of Operations Engineering
2. Advanced Operations Research
3. Computer Simulations

have just made me curious over time to realize that it’s not my thing and when I realize, there was nothing to change. I couldn’t go back in time.

Ok, why am I cribbing about it now? Coz it’s all in the grades :-/ Unsure how the foreign educational systems work, but at-least in India, it is considered very important, your life. The overall CGPA depends on each and every course you take, screw one and you are done with it. Even after so many efforts put into the course, I never gave a satisfactory performance, and I am giving up now. I can’t believe that I am still fighting for it. Can’t hang on anymore. It’s not my thing.

Among the chaos and the wheel, scattered all around.

On the wild windy wave I’m tossed, cast away and lost.

“Let it go, let it go
Can’t hold it back anymore”

The Busy Bee!

Something unexpected happened these days. I still can’t get the sense of how it all happened. I had been listening about this “BT Club should be established” kind of catchlines from past 2 years. But, it was never there. There were discussions on mails, debates regarding it’s significance and all. Suddenly I saw a mail saying “Call for Heads – BioTech Club”.
‘Woah, the club is finally there? Cool, why not give it a try, the last thing I can do for my department before leaving’ this was how I felt and applied to it, and got selected. Being selected as a Head Member is not a big thing, it’s all in the Club!

So, here comes the busy bee mode!
Being the youngest club, still trying to compete with the other clubs of CFI, we are working to our best. CFI Open House on 21st, September 2014 and all of us are trying to finish some DIY Projects for display. It’s all about the Club! With the thoughts of the Club activities lingering around, I am still trying to concentrate on my GRE, BTP and placements, let’s see how versatile I can be. It is quite a hectic job to my ‘Brain’ though. For a moment, I thought to enter the “I donot socialize” mode, which I don’t think is possible 😀 :-/

What am I trying to conclude? “Nothing” 😛 I am here to blurt out the randomness I have in my mind.
The mode is on! But the busy bee has activities including social networking to get busy 😛
Hoping not to screw up anything 😐
Signing off for now.