CFI Open House – The day!

Well, not the only one, but one of the much awaited days of this month. With much more enthusiasm and much more commitment, we kick-started the BioTech Club. Need not mention, our second year juniors (Club Coordinators) really did a great job with DIY-BIO projects. After a series of continuous brain storming sessions, night outs, this is a list of what we finally ended up with:

1. Vein Finder
    To combat the difficulties faced by nurses to find the veins during infusions. Biomedical!

2. Augmented Reality – Image Processing
No Biological Significance. A study aid to be able to interact with the 2D molecules with their 3D structures. More like a “COOL-FUN” project.

3. Smart Phone Microscope
    Well, do you have a smartphone? Then, there is a microscope hidden in it. Join it with a lens and observe the cells. Overall, a cheap-o-scope, of paramount importance for small schools.

4. Electro Myogram
    Who doesn’t know about EMG? So, we aimed at developing a portable model of it, which I think we are half done with. Crucial in medical field.

Well, it was decent enough to be displayed by our young inchoate club. These could attract many people because of the interdisciplinary theories with a flavour of biology related application in it.
Wait, something just stuck my mind, our professor commented regarding our work that it is always the last one week we fight. But, infact, I just realised that it is the first one week which we put fight which was supposedly the last one too 😛

Just the first step 🙂 Go BT! Go CFI! 😀


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