In the far west

Wondering why WordPress now? My dear friend Srihi has started her blog recently which reminded me of my super inactive profile. This post is a small update about what I am upto.

Life has been nothing but a crazy rat-race for the past couple of years. Too much has happened in my life than just one blog post could explain. In fact, I don’t remember most of it, it all feels like a dream. Some mistakes, some regrets, some achievements, zillions of happy/sad moments, making memories for a life time. All these lessons reminded me yet again, Life is no path of flowers, but one filled with muddy roads, rocky ways, smooth drives and rough tasks. Whatever it is, we either make it or break it, just make it worthwhile! July 25, 2015 – I graduated from IIT Madras.


A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step they say. Mine has started with a single one-way air ticket to this far city, Halifax. Chase your dreams, catch your dreams, if you aren’t dreaming high enough, you aren’t dreaming it right. Heard these before? That’s my mind, all the time, and the reason why I had to move to this city. During an extensive search to start my dream career involving cancer research, I came across Dr. Patrick Lee, who is well known for his work on cancer immunotherapies using oncolytic viruses. I admire the process of learning, especially the concept of diversifying your specializations. Cancer Biology-Immunology-Virology, a fascinating combination of biological sciences. With the booming research on personalized medicines, the focus of today’s drug market revolves around these three fields. Enough of the nerd talk, but yes, this is why I am here, hoping to contribute to this world, starting my amateur scientist path, with loads of excitement and love for science.

It’s been six months now, and I am already into a head to toe busy life. Without giving much thought about my personal or social life, I blindly made a decision of moving here. Although I feel content and excited with my professional life, I wonder what’s happening with my personal life. A never ending to-do list, with a steep learning curve defining the current situation, there is no much time to deal with any other thoughts.  However, Friday nights are the most miserable, the memories with friends and family rushing back, the lonely soul suffers sometimes.The devastating time zones adding to the nuisance, I would love to take 50 hours a day. All that keeps me going is the spirit for work. Therefore, my life right now is pretty much being a “lab-bee” as my friends always mention. There is no such thing as a ‘weekend’ or a ‘holiday’, not until I win the “Nobel Prize” (not that it should stop me, but since there is no such chance, it is a great way to keep up the zeal) or until there is a cure for cancer.


I am still trying to keep up with my other activities, going to gym/ playing squash/ arts, once in a few weeks and outings with my labmates. I have done a lot of my first-time things, mainly before “Turning 22”. Making new friends, coping up with loss of a dear friend, maintaining old relations, struggling hard to move away from the ‘home-sickness’, being a socially awkward person at times, striving to make the best use of my time, all a part of this wonderful ride.

Whatever it is, life goes on.


P.S: If you are still interested to read my crappy posts, I previously briefed about my initial encounters with the “Canadian” style.

Here is the link: On the Other Hand! – The well known strangeness..

Will be back with more posts. Sayonara!


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