Being sick sucks. May be not totally, not this time. My sickness gave me quality home time, quality home food and more quality time with myself, my thoughts, my vetti-ness (joblessness) and me. All of us have this bunch of people in our life, who no matter what, are in constant contact with us. However, we do have hundreds of other people in our life, who in a small or big way, good or bad, did make a minute of your life special. For ex., that old friend of yours who used to make fun of you all the time, that neighbor of yours who was ready to pain you with a bunch of gossips, your old classmate who was always smiling and cheerful, the auto-uncle who was sweet and kind to everyone, the Gurunath uncle you had visited almost everyday.

We might be happy or sad for being away from them. Those could be good or bad memories, but, you atleast have a bunch of memories filled with lessons taught or learnt. How is life if it’s always a set of people who are with you, supporting you no matter what. They play an important positive role in our life by encouraging us with anything we do, but, life is not only about happy moments, laughters and joy! It is a mixture of sunshine and rain, tears and laughter, pleasure and pain. I would like to dedicate this post to all those beautiful people in my life, who shared their precious time with me and helped me become who I am now. 

“First, I want to thank my family. I only see less and less of you every year and many of you are no longer here. I want to thank you all for your kindness, wisdom, and patience. I want to thank my parents for inspiring me to follow my dreams and heart, making me laugh, and teaching me to always do what I love.

Thank you to my teachers for investing so much time on me and helping me understand not only the subjects, but also the values of life. I want to thank all those people around me, who were part of those obstacles and taught me that life isn’t always fair or easy. Because of them I am a better, stronger, and more independent person.

I want to thank all my friends/classmates, both the ones I talk to everyday and not. I’ve learned that not all the friends will always be your friends. Life paths change and people often drift apart. Although I’ve made new ones, I do cherish my memories with my old friends. So thank you to all of you, whether our friendship originated from the playground, chemistry lab, classroom, food court, or social media. 

Thanks to all those juniors/seniors of mine, who were ready not only to get ragged by me, but also for ragging me. You definitely taught me that not everything that feels difficult is actually difficult, and that age is no constraint for us to become friends. You also taught me that friendships need not start by sharing flowers, but with pain and embarrassment too.

Thank you to all my roommates and wing-mates for sharing a special bond of living together, for tolerating the nuisances of this girl, and not judging me and for being such amazing friends with me. 

Thanks to all those people who loved me, even if  I couldn’t reciprocate. You guys made me feel loved and happy, and taught me that love still exists.

All of you made an impact. Although my circle gets tighter, it is also getting firmer. Thank you for being a part of my life!”

P.S: I also have second thoughts on starting a diary of “My autograph – Sweet memories”. Most of the South Indians can relate to this from Ravi Teja’s film. I did get inspired from it, however, mine will be filled with everyone who made an impact in life, which is like a lot of people. Exactly why I said second thoughts. You see, as you get older, you only have more and more memories and more and more people around you, which means more and more autographs, hence more and more writing, and more and more time. Still, I guess it will be worth it. I will leave you free now. Cya! 😉



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