Work – Life, how is it not balanced?

I am often asked to manage my work-life balance. Everyone believes that I live in the lab and that I don’t have a life. But, what is this balance really? I keep pondering about it. Are we implying that work is negative? Can work not be my life? Is it that my work and life are competing for my attention?

According to me, work and life are not separate. They are the same. For me, there is only one thing, LIFE. Work is what defines me as a person. I always loved research work, and now I am doing my graduate studies to achieve one of my biggest dreams, which I consider to be my life. How is it not good? Work is part of my life, it’s not competing with anything. For me, work is the reason why I get up in the morning. I mean, we are making a living out of it, but is that it? For someone like me, it’s not about making a living, I would have opted for a different field if I wanted only that.

Just think, what are you really if not for that “work”? Of-course, it is “only work” if you don’t like it. If you love what you are doing, it feels like your life. It depends on how you look at your life and work.

Are we able to measure the work-life balance? How will you ever know if there is a balance. I do not disagree that we need good proportion of everything in life. I mean, setting goals to visit family, friends, spend some time off work and all, is great, definitely. You cannot live by eating only pizzas, it’s harmful. (Believe me, been there).
For me, even when I am out, sometimes I just cannot get my head out of work. What’s the point? If I feel burnt out, I will definitely take a break. Shouldn’t I just be doing what I think fulfills me, instead of going by the social norms?

I am very glad that I don’t go with the regular expressions of loving/ awaiting Friday evenings and hating Monday mornings. For me, everyday is a happy day, whether or not it is weekend.

It might not be true for everyone, well,

Some people live where they work. Others just visit.

 – Seanan McGuire


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