I am only 22.95 plus tax

If you know that I am 22 years old, then you probably read my blog post in 2016. But, guys, let’s accept it.. Time is always faster than us. Especially when it’s your birthday, it goes “Weeeee”. Anyway, it is my birthday in 10days. I can’t believe that another year just passed by. I remember crying about turning 22, which seemed like yesterday and here I am, yet again, turning another year old. Like for anyone else, 2016 has been good and bad to me in several ways.

Experiences always help shape our life. I realized few important life lessons last year.

  • You win some, you lose some.
  • You cannot simply control everything and everyone around you.
  • Nothing stays forever unless you care enough for it.
  • Do not let anyone-anyone take control of your life. You earn it!
  • People walk in and out of your life, only few stay.
  • Priorities change.

All the philosophy aside, 2016 has been another ‘interesting’ year in this journey. Following are few significant things that happened to me (in no particular order).

  • My li’l brother got placed during his final year placement season. Which also means, very soon he will sponsor my trip to India. Thanks, bro! 😉 😛
  • I am successfully (maybe?) finishing my Masters program and will be converting to Ph.D. this year. Yaay!
  • I made a new friend. This dude is very intelligent and kind. He is one of those few students who is favored by all the teachers and students!! I know how awesome it is, because hey, been there. B-)
  • Trump wins. Period.
  • Junaid bought me a guitar.
  • Canada 150.
  • Traveled to Edmonton, Toronto, and Vancouver.
  • Started living alone. 1br unit. All me, only me. woohoo.
  • I discovered that I was in fact born with an artsy package from my parents. Before I start bragging about it, hey, I am innately good at acrylic painting.
  • 14 years of Trisha-ism and Megastar is back! 😛
  • My facebook feed is filled with pictures of engagements, weddings, and babies. Another period.

Overall, 22 was a very special year!! Life just got exciting. I’m determined my 23 will be a whole lot better.

I hate to say this, but guys, I am 23 years wiser now.






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